‘Innocuous’ Mistakes

Brilliant. No explanation needed.


WordPress Font Colour

My avid patronising of wordpress is on a fast decline. They dont even allow a soul to change the post font colour on the fly! :/

I do not want to change the stylesheet, and I certainly do not want to write html code. So guess, stuck with one colour suits all.


The sweetness of complexity,
Is a great perplexity,
It tugs your heart furtively,
Endearing to it vainly

Coz the hidden meaning of abstract
Is to subtract
All that is simple and true
To bring about a new you

For all our thoughts are steeped in mire
Murky and not worth one’s ire
It hurts to see such tainted purity
That which once would have been a rarity


The cruelty of unforgiving senses,
The bane of lifeless existence,
To what end do we masses?
Converge to allay our passions

An abstract thought which cannot be named,
Put to words hoping to be tamed,
But is it to be that brooks the question,
To what effect will the endeavour suffice,

A crooked mind which thinks it should not,
Takes you places which you dare not,
Leaves you helpless clawing out of the mess,
Oh how does sleep torture our sense

Corrupt heart which learns not love,
One which does not know how to give,
Would you really steal the smiles?
Of a person who dotes you likewhile?

How I wish abyss would come,
Take by storm all that is in shambles,
Leaving behind sun and stars,
Simple people who love the arts

EDGE and killing fields

A well written article on the tendencies of people to numb their senses over tragedies if stated in numerical forms.

It’s not the only unique story; conservationists do the same thing in protecting species, albeit it’s not the numbers they target towards but “cuteness” of the endangered species. According to conservationist, show people how cute the animal is will garner far more donations then telling them its importance or usefulness or any other more relevant information.

There was an article on above focusing on the ways conservationist are trying to collect donors for EDGE animals.

Makes one wonder, isn’t this kind of thinking debased and inherently narrow minded? That we need to actually see something in a person/living thing which appeals to us to help him? Is this what a civilised society cultivates?

Israel and Palestine

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one side product of World War II which everyone knows and no-one can ignore. It’s a conflict which most people know something or another. And everyone has some view or another as to its probable solution.

However, it’s also a conflict which is irrational and quite beyond my logic to comprehend. Look at it this way:

After World War II, the world community decides to give Jews a land which they revere as a form of making up. Fair enough.

They decide to forget about close to 2 million people who were living in the afore-mentioned land. Dumb.

The displaced people protested and started fighting. Expected. What else could they do?

The world community, instead of realising its mistake and finding some way of accommodating these people, fights against them. Logic!?????

So now, almost 50 years on, the conflict has grown from a simple displaced people with no home to a myriad of issues which takes the center stage whenever the term middle east is revoked; which; considering that the middle east has the most oil at present, is almost everyday.

A good article on what’s going wrong presently is here

Memories of Ice: The Tale of the Marzan Book of the Fallen

Memories of Ice Read the book by Steven Erickson. The guy is simple awesome! The book is a fantasy book, something akin to LOTR in the genre. But that’s where all comparisons with LOTR, Harry Potter etc stop.

The book is vast in scope and imagination, geographically spanning continents, time wise spanning millennia. Its diverse and multifaceted in his rending of cultures, societies, thoughts, customs and one of them have much semblance to real world mirrors. Children of the dead seed for example, where can you find such a notion? In reality as well as fantasy?

The events in the book happen with such exuberance and breathtaking speed, compelling rendered as to literally picture the whole scenario in the mind. The book threatens to transport the senses to its world without any hope of bringing it back. I still dream of Anomander Rake and his powers and my heart nearly stopped in its tracks when I heard he was lost.

The imagination presented in the book is unique. No fairies, goblins, elves and dwarfs, no magic springing out of nowhere, no humans are dependant on higher species concept. The books concept of warrens, ascendants, men teaching Gods a lesson blows you off your feet.

A more compelling review of the author along with a conspectus of the book can be found here.