Honestly speaking, I have nothing to do. Am bugged and bored.

But that made me wonder, isn’t it good to have nothing to do once in a while? No tight deadlines, no rushing over jobs, no fawning over unpleasant people, no office politics to deal with, just you, your computer, and peace. And yet, when we do have it, why do I keep cribbing?

Which led me to another question, what do those filthy rich people with nothing to do the whole day actually do? How do they spend their time? I decided to do some research in this matter.

For the purpose of the research, I concentrated on one particular group of the exclusively rich. The group residing in UK and who have been born rich not made money themselves.

The reason for the first condition was simple; Google gave me the most result for the rich of Europe, and the most from UK. Thus there is some data to sieve through. The second criterion is a bit more complicated.

I figured that people who came up on their own hard work would always have something to do, be it expanding their empires, or concentrating on the other stuff they are interested in, e.g. charity. These are the people who have the vision, the passion and the determination to achieve something, and they are not lacking in the courage and conviction to go about doing it. Thus they would always have something to do.

The born-rich however, have, for the most part, led an easy life. They have had everything they wanted since infancy and do not know the meaning of working for it. These are the people who will spend all their time in pleasures and since am interested in the pleasure activities of the exclusive rich, I guess this is the best group to scrutinize. Of course, there are exceptions, but the exceptions are jus that, exceptions, rather than rules.

One of the most popular things these people, let’s call them FR, do in UK is to attend gambling sessions. And gambling means horse racing. UK folks love horse racing, and this is one sport for the exclusively rich, due to the sheer amount of money betted.

Another favourite pastime is playing golf, or polo, something they do for hours and hours and never seem to get bored. These, along with partying all night long, at different places, make up most of the FR’s time.

However, the older a FR gets, the more he does. A lot of the middle aged FR’s do charity work, and a lot of it. Am unable to find out if the charity work is merely a facade to present to the world or some genuine effort is made, but charity it is in the form of either a charity ball or a charity concert, or an acting spokesperson for a cause they believe in.

However, the older a FR becomes, the more sober he becomes. Although there are some FRs who still love party and women even in their later years, the majority of the people we are concentrating on (FR’s in the UK who are born rich), turn to some other form of entertainment.

A pleasant surprise was that most of the FR’s; once they reached a certain mature age; revealed a depth of knowledge and perception which makes one wonder where they acquired it from. A lot of them went on to publish books on various historical figures, travelogues, philosophies, theatrese and tonnes of other things.

It so happens that other than gambling and partying, the FR’s had one other main passion; talking. They talked about anything and everything, debating hours on end on some topic which catches their fancy. And since they do not have work, responsibility etc, they could actually go back and research in depth about the topics discussed to clarify facts. Thus results in a lot of knowledge gained in a myriad of subjects.

Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth study in any way whatsoever; it’s just a blog post. Though the details have been retrieved, no effort has been made to justify the facts with statistics and evidence for pure lack of industry to do a good job 🙂


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