Playing with designs

I have been playing with designs for a long time. Initially, my interest in blogs started off with me writing my own blog software, which is not online now due to obvious reasons 😉

Then I had a simple html page linked to many pages. This was followed by wordpress. The feature that excited me about wordpress was its ease of use and its themes.

I had tried Drupal, MovableType, Joomla, Mambo etc but all of them were either too bloated for a simple blogging function or did not quite meet the fundamental criteria a blogging software needs. WordPress was meant only for blogging (at that time at least, circa ~2002) and they had an enormous collection of themes.

I spent most of the next six months not writing but changing the themes of my site and then customising them to suit my aesthetic sensibilities.

Now, after almost three years of on-off theme changing and once-in-a-while word posting, I have decided to settle one design and start writing something decent enough for anyone to read on a regular basis. So… here goes!


What do you think?

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