Had a lovely dream yesterday, had a dream of me painting.

Painting has always been something I loved doing, along with dancing, but something I had no talent for. So imagine my astonishment when I dreamt that I had painted the following scene:

There is a boat. The boat is a small wooden one with two oars. The boat is like the boats you see in the baiju bavra. The head of the boat has appa’s smiling face, encouraging you to use your brains and row harder. The oars have amma’s smiling face, encouraging you to keep going and giving instructions.

The boat is in the middle of a body of water. At a distance, a golden colour small piece of land with one huge bodhi tree can be seen. The tree exudes serenity and peace. It’s huge, with dark green leaves and thick trucks. It’s smiling, giving shade to anyone who comes under it.

There are millions of people under the tree. Not only people but birds, bees and animals of all kinds. All of them have an angelic look upon them. They look peaceful, harmoniously living among themselves, singing and laughing, tweeting, chirping. Everything about that place was filled with music and laughter.

The body of water was in the midst of a storm. The boat was speeding towards a large whirlpool. The whirlpool was goading, gloating at the boat-girl’s vain attempts to steer the boat away from it towards the tree.

Around the boat were millions of other boats. The inhabitants of all the other boats were looking at the boat-girl in contempt, while effortlessly rowing towards the tree. They were sneering at her, leering at her inability to reach the tree.

The boat-girl looked dis enchanted, despair streaking across her face. She knew her attempts at reaching the tree were in vain. The only reason she was continuing was because of the two encouraging and smiling faces on the boat head and the oars.


What do you think?

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