Brunei – 21 September 2006

Went to the immigration today. Reached there at around 1130 and ended up staying there till around 4. It’s the most confusing system I have come across, and had to be rescued numerous times by my boss :).

At around 4 I was soo soo hungry, I could have eaten a man! And so I did threaten to my boss if she did not take me to food now (We have only 1 car, so it’s like being linked by shackles). I decided to head for tried and tested places like pizza hut or kfc. Ended up in pizza hut and was pleasantly surprised. The pizza hut here actually has loads of vegetarian varieties! And I mean loads! Considering the fact that vegetarian seems to unheard of here, I was surprised.

Food here is not bad. As mentioned, vegetarian seems to be unheard of. So everyday is a day of testing. We end up going to Thai or Chinese stalls and I have not seen a single Indian restaurant here so far. Other than that, I have a lovely boss who not only makes sure I get some food somewhere, but also ends up eating veg most of the time, poor thing 🙂

However, there is no variety. Vegetables here come covered with some gooey stuff which is horrible to see and equally bad to taste.

There is a huge DVD shop here which sells all types of DVDs’ old, new, Hindi, English, Disney, everything. Brought a few to watch, but knowing me and the repelling effect movies and I have, chances of actually seeing that are quite slim. Let’s see if I end up seeing any.

There are supposed to be lots of water sport activities in here, like snorkelling, scuba driving, gliding etc, am planning to go there, lets see how that goes.

Will be alone next week. So was getting familiar with the roads here 🙂


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