Sleep inducers!

What’s the best sleep inducer in an unfamiliar environment? What makes your tired limbs and drooping eyes instantaneously relax in a new place, a new atmosphere?

For me, for better or for worse, it’s been an arm. Yes, am not kidding, its an arm; the part of the human body which is used the most often except maybe the legs, the part that sticks out and comes in pairs; an arm.

Why an arm of all things? It’s understandable if it’s a pillow, or a bolster, or a toy but an arm?? Well, that’s the way life is 🙂

Let me explain my wacko logic (its too bad that’s its as unorthodox as an arm so I might as well try and come up with a plausible logic and explain it) An arm is the most malleable piece among all the other options available. You can make the arm soft, hard, squishy, smooth, rough, and anything reasonable basically, without too much trouble on your part. Ever tried making a toy softer or warmer without too much effort on your part?

Secondly, an arm is always just nice and warm. It’s never hot (well usually not), almost never too cold. Thus, there is no heating required, no temperature measurements needed before hitting the bed. It’s a ready made heater just waiting to be used.

Thirdly, an arm has the innate ability to put you to sleep. How you say. Its simple. A normal arm ends with five tendrils like stick-outs called fingers. These fingers are attached to the arm via an extremely flexible piece of flesh usually called the wrist. Get it now? When you’re sleepy, all your sleep inducer needs to do it to move the wrist and activate those fingers to give you a gentle pat on the head. And you’re in dreamland in no time 🙂

Can you find me a better sleep inducer?


2 thoughts on “Sleep inducers!

  1. I recommend a very good pillow 😀

    More, I cannot recommend.

    Please change my link in your blogroll to:

    As usual, you are welcome to visit! 🙂

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