Hello and a warm welcome to my site. Since you are here, I presume you would want to find out something about me. Well, let me start off by introducing myself.

I have been called many names, some childish, some young, some sinister and some plain boring; but you can call me Veena for short.

I have been ceremoniously educated to the extend of retarding my mind, and I have many perceptions and interests, but dreaming is, and has always been as essential to me as breathing. We are all born with a certain gift. I was born with an incessant and wild imagination. It’s part of my personality, something I didn’t choose any more than my skin color.

I am a faithless sinner with no illusions about my imperfections, no political persuasion and philosophy as my religion. I have more opinions and ideas than most people care to hear and comfortably consider. Though, alas, I have an utter lack of talent in putting them to pen.

I am much too ambiguous for my own good: ambitious and idle, hesitant and resolute, humble and proud, devilish and genteel, atriculate and tongue-tied. I’ve seen the good side of bad and the downside of up and the entirety in between.

I am, most likely, everything, you think I am not, which is true for my physical apperance, as well. I don’t exactly mirror the archetype of a technical person, you see.

They say I lead a charmed life …

Other than that, I am disappointingly normal.


What do you think?

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