27 January 2006

Mummy, daddy here I come,

To the pot of honey and bowl of plums,

To the shrieks of bro and smiles of chums,

To the joy of sis am the deliverer of jobs,

Oh yes mummy, here I come.

For I know its been long since you saw me,

Oh how I miss my dear daddy,

But dont you worry as here I come,

A flibitty flib and tidda-a-dum.


Men and Marriage

What is it about men and marriage? I have firmly come to the conclusion that marriage makes a man (note: not being generic here, men means men, not women) turn over his head.

Let me explain, single men are the most gentle and sweet creatures. They behave like gentlemen (as far as base behaviour goes, I have nothing against them being boisterous :)), have consideration and understanding for one and all, talk sensibly and on the overall behave like the intelligent human beings they are meant to be.

Get married and phoof* everything flies out of the window as far as their wives are concerned. Gentlemanly behaviour? Were they capable of one at any time? Consideration for others? Now where did that go? Understanding? Huh? Sensible and intelligent behaviour? Excuse me?

Seriously, what is it with men and marriage?

Ban on Smacking

There is a debate going on in UK today regarding smacking children. The present law states that children can be subjected to a ‘reasonable punishment‘. However, child advocate and child protection groups want a total ban on smacking and they are lobbying hard to implement it. In a recent BBC interview, a leader of a child protection group said, ‘All we want it is for children to be treated the same way as adults: nothing more, nothing less‘. Thankfully, Tony Blair seems to have some common sense left in him and has shooed off the suggestion so far.

What do the parents say about this? They are certainly not comfortable being crimalised for disciplining their children. And rightfully so. If children are treated the same way as adults, what is the difference between the two then? A lady who is slapped can claim harrassment, but a child cannot and should not be allowed to do so. The main reason being the lady has reached a stage of mental maturity whereby she knows whats right and whats wrong and is expected to conduct herself in the manner appropriate to the norms of the society. A child, on the other hand, is not mture enough. If a child has made a mistake serious enough to be disciplined severely or if the child is stubborn and refuses to correct his mistakes, parents, having the responsibility to bring up their children in the best manner possible, should be given the freedom to condition their children as they see fit. Of course there are instances where parents abuse their power, but this is the minority and the majority should not be as adversely affected as being unable to discipline their children for the sake of the minority.

All said and done, there are better ways of disciplining a child besides smacking. Sweet talking and pointing out the fallacy of their mistakes is usually enough for any sensible child. However, should a necessity arise, parents should not be inhibited from doing something which may, in the long run, benefit the child more than it harms them.

18 January 2006

The guilt of a stricken mind,

Cannot be undone by deeds and kind,

For once the concience is strongly stirred,

Calming it takes a lot of effort.

So dont go committing crimes afar,

Wither which you would ever be far,

From the peace of mind a clear heart brings,

The joy of which is hard to depict.

14 January 2006

Smiling eyes, cheerful face,

Makes my day with full grace,

The urge to buy and help a babe,

Spend one more day happy and gay.

For this is what the shoppers do,

Of the shop that I go to,

This is a shop that gives us back,

The innocence that a babe had lacked.

What better motive can there be?

Than to see a child laughing with glee,

To make sure it enjoys life the way,

You and I do today.

13 January 2006

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all,

Is it Maths with her numbers and graphs,

Or Physics with her projectiles,

Maybe Chemistry with all her substances,

Or biology probing viens that tingle,

Whichever it is let me master,

One of them to make my future,

For I too want to stand aloft,

On shoulders of men high and proud.