Things wrong with the Goblet of Fire

Well, here it goes. I saw the goblet of fire recently and here are my takes:

  • 1. Since when did Dumbledore announce the Triwizard tournament after the respective schools have arrived?
  • 1. Since when did Harry get tampled in the crowd in the World Cup?
  • 2. Harry saw Batry Crouch Junior? When? Where was Winki? Dobby?
  • 3. Why did Barty Crouch come all over the place? He was supposed to have disappeared! That was integral for the plot. The Barty Crouch was fighting back the imperiuc curse and was thus locked in his house. Afterall, he is the Minister of Magic. He must have some power!
  • 4. Since when did the hungarian horntail escape from his chain. C’mon if he does, dont the organisers have a big problem if something wrong happens? And, she is a nexting mother! Common sense tells us that nesting mothers NEVER leave their nests unguarded!
  • 5. Nevill Longbottom give the gillyweed!! Neville!! The reason why Mad Eye Moody gave the book to Neville and Potter goes not ask him shows the adolescence pride in Harry. The pride which all teenagers have. The pride which says ‘I can do it alone!’. Isnt the movie breaking the whole thing?

The worst for the last: Dubledore!!!!

Is Dubledore that young that he cannot even get used to his robes??? why does he keep holding the robkes on his left side and pulling it up?? And why oh why does he go running all over the place? Age and wisdom are supposed to give majesty. Dumbledore is supposed to be majestic! With a deep voice, every word deliberately uttered; every action taken note off. This Dumbledore appeared frivilous to say the least. not at all impressive.

Snape was the odd but welcome character here. Especially his part on directing Harry’s and Ron’s heads back to the potions book. Agreed, hie hatred of Potter is supposed to be too great to give up this opportunity to humiliate Harry but still he was welcome and added some light-hearted comedy to the heavy movie.

Overall the movie was not impressive. Agreed, every person would have their own intrepretation of written words and imagine their characters to their tastes. Still, except for the action, the characters where not impressive.


What do you think?

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