Scene: Courtyard at a Shopping Complex. A lot of shoppers are seated around enjoying the scenery and the sunshine
Actors: Me ; An Arab Lady

The Arab Lady is dressed entirely in black, with only her eyes being exposed. However, when she walks, one could see a sky blue dress glitering underneath.

Me : Good morning! Could I ask you a question please if you dont mind?
Arab Lady : Sure Sure, you can ask me anything!

Me : What do you ladies wear under that dress?

I point to her black robe. The Arab lady laughs.

Arab Lady : Oh anything. See, am wearing a pure-silk Armani-made blue dress studded with sarovsky crystals

Me : Really! Wow!

Arab Lady : No. No. No wow! My friend wears a one with American diamonds. I wear this cheap one as its only morning, so no-one here yet.

She points to another lady window shopping at a distance

I wonder if it makes a difference if someone was here as the dress is hidden anyway. But I decide asking that would have been a bit too presumptuous of me.

Me : Err……how much do these kind of dresses usually cost?
Arab Lady : U like it?

Did I see much to like it?

Me : It looks nice.
Arab Lady: Oh good. I take you to the shop! Very cheap! Only 40,000 dhm (80,000 sing dollars)

Me : Desperately trying to keep my expression blank Oh
Arab Lady : I am asking my father to buy me a dress like my friend. I want with rubies.

She’s not married?

Me : How old are you?
Arab Lady : Me? 15! beams with pride
Me : Isnt the dress heavy?

Arab Lady : No. No. Very light. Come I show you the shop. The red one is very nice.
Me : Its too crowded there. Maybe we should wait for 5-10 mins for the crowd to clear. Anyway, since you cannot show the dress to anyone, why do you wear it?

Arab Lady : Looking confused as if a this thought just struck her Oh

I decide not to confuse the poor child anymore

Me : How much does your friend’s dress cost?
Arab Lady : Oh cheap! Only married ladies wear expensive dresses. Hers is only 80,000 Dmhs (120,000 Sing Dollars)

Welcome to Dubai and the Arab World