The disillusion of self-appraisement

Played a lot of tennis today. And got royally trashed. Quite disappointing, I always thought I was reasonably decent in the game. Sure, am not match for really tennis players but I was under the opinion I can stand up to amateurs. How very wrong.

Surprising fact was TK’s serve. Gosh! How much strength can a man pack into those rock-arms of his? Especially considering that this is the first time he was playing tennis (or so he claimed), I was quite taken back.

That started me thinking. How effective is self-appraisal? We think we have reached a certain level of competency in something only to be proven wrong, does this mean that self appraisal is inaccurate? Or is it just that the individual’s tactic of self appraisal is not quite realistic? What is the definition of self-appraisal in the first place?

Coming back to tennis though, resolved to do something about my so-called ‘decent’ standard…….let’s see how far this resoluion goes 🙂 As I forsee, it goes staright to the ever growing list of resolutions which were made but never followed up. Only time will tell…


What do you think?

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