I have been spammed continously by an Online Poker Group or a Casino Group for the past few months. I am presuming its a bot but if not, could the affected party kindly refrain from sending me trackBacks and comments? I am sorry to say but they are not appreciated. Thanks.


The lure of blogs

I have been spending the past week reading up all the blogs am familiar with, including those people I have not heard of in a while. The one aspect that strikes out is these avid blogger’s ability to write freely whatever is on their minds. How in the name of heaven do they manage that? For all the resolutions and self-vows taken, I still cannot get myself to open my heart and soul to the wire-box. Hmm……..guess the art of expressing oneself has not caught on completely yet.

Google X

Have you seen the new Google page which appeared for a split second before disappearing last week? It was apparently created by an engineer who wanted to learn JavaScript and DHTML. I wonder when I will get to that level!

Anyway, the new page paid tribute to Apple in that it mimicked the Dock. Speculation is rife as to why Google decided to remove it with the majority pointing fingers at Apple. Nevertheless, the page was cool. Here are the links to them in case you did not catch it.