Global Warming

Did you guys hear the latest news on global warming? BBC reported some time ago that we do not feel the effects of global warming because the pollutants in the air seems to cancel each other out. hmm……let me start that again.

Apparently, the major pollutants currently are Carbon Dioxide, CO2, and small residual particles like ash, soot, suphur etc. According to BBC, the residual particles prevent sunlight from reaching the earth by reflecting back most of the sun rays back to space. They do this due to their optical properties which are very different from the other particle found in the atmosphere big enough to make a difference in the amount of light reaching the earth; water.Thus, the earth receives around 20% less sunlight then it did in the 1960s, bringing about a huge cooling of the earth.

The other pollutant, the CO2, causes global warming by heating up the earth. This part of pollution we all know. The funny thing here is that one pollutant causes the earth to heat up while the other causes it to cool, thus cancelling each other out. Cool eh? Er…..Not quite. Read on…

Due to various environmental threaties, we have managed to bring about a decrease in the amount of residual particles we emit in the atmosphere. However, scientist predict that the emmision of CO2 will drastically increase in the coming years thus increasing the global temperature by about 10 degrees within 2010.

Does that mean that we must undo our threaties and go back to emiting residual components? Not at all…. dont forget that these residual components also cause health hazards among a host of other problems. So the best solution? Do you little bit to stop pollution to the bext of your capabilities.


What do you think?

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