Prostitute Used in Habib Torture

Read this article today. Prostitute used in Habib Torture

Makes me wonder; is this the country millions of people try and imitate? Is this the country every other country covets towards? Is this the ocuntry we call great, liberators etc etc? Who are mad? This country or the rest of the world? Did not realise the world has turned upside down so much. Its disgusting that someone could even think of such things, in this context.


Browsers War

Just read an article which implies that the browser war is well and truely being won by the underdogs. Mozilla is steadly gaining the browser market with its flagsip product, firefox, released as a stable version last november. Opera and Safari (Apple’s default browser) are also slowly but surely gaining market share. However, where from are they gaining this share? From IE of course! Since last June, the market share deminated by IE has fell by almost 5% and is standing at 90.5% presently. Not a very substantial gain but some gain nevertheless. Can’t say am not heppy to hear that 🙂

A Madrigal

Crabbed Age and Youth,
Cannot live together;
Youth is full of pleasure,
Age is full of care;
Youth is like summer morn,
Age is like winter weather;
Youth is like summer brave,
Age is like winter bare;
Youth is full of sport,
Age’s breadth is short;
Youth is nimble, Age is lame;
Youth is hot and bold,
Age is weak and cold;
Youth is wilde, and Age is tame;
Age, I do abhor thee,
Youth I do adore thee;

William Shakespeare

Global Warming

Did you guys hear the latest news on global warming? BBC reported some time ago that we do not feel the effects of global warming because the pollutants in the air seems to cancel each other out. hmm……let me start that again.

Apparently, the major pollutants currently are Carbon Dioxide, CO2, and small residual particles like ash, soot, suphur etc. According to BBC, the residual particles prevent sunlight from reaching the earth by reflecting back most of the sun rays back to space. They do this due to their optical properties which are very different from the other particle found in the atmosphere big enough to make a difference in the amount of light reaching the earth; water.Thus, the earth receives around 20% less sunlight then it did in the 1960s, bringing about a huge cooling of the earth.

The other pollutant, the CO2, causes global warming by heating up the earth. This part of pollution we all know. The funny thing here is that one pollutant causes the earth to heat up while the other causes it to cool, thus cancelling each other out. Cool eh? Er…..Not quite. Read on…

Due to various environmental threaties, we have managed to bring about a decrease in the amount of residual particles we emit in the atmosphere. However, scientist predict that the emmision of CO2 will drastically increase in the coming years thus increasing the global temperature by about 10 degrees within 2010.

Does that mean that we must undo our threaties and go back to emiting residual components? Not at all…. dont forget that these residual components also cause health hazards among a host of other problems. So the best solution? Do you little bit to stop pollution to the bext of your capabilities.

The Snail

This is a small essay on snails which I suddenly wrote down one night in some sudden idea.

I think the snail should always be held in respect as a model to travellers. You can never cut her off her base, for she takes her base along with her. The objective point of the small strategist is always, more or less, on her back. She has no lines of communication to be harrassed and to be kept open when the enemy is hovering around; runs no risk of being caught straggling, or without her baggage, belated, or at the mercy of sudden storms and gusty winds. In Afghanistan, you shall always find her sunshade with her, in Mayanmar, her armour.

Indeed, the first thought of this devilish little beast, with its lofty ambitions, is very enjoyable to observe. So too is her integrity. Other animals and birds are sudden in their flights, evasive and spectral. Their actions and apparitions are jerky, zigzag, bothering. You never, so to speak, get nearer them then the last place they were in. It is quite different with the snail.

She proceeds, by preference, in a straight line, and unless circumstances beyong her control should compel her to hide, she visibly apologises for digression by writing all along her path, “This is the way I have gone”. So conscientious is she that she cannot even bear the suspicion for dodging, and puts you up all the way in a continous sigh-post, so that you cannot miss her. Follow up her directions and you will come upon the little pilgrim, either going her way or having a break. Unless of course, some hungry bird has beaten you.