New Layout

Hello, changed my blog completely the past few days. Tried out a variety of blog softwares to complement or replace my present webblog.

The one I have finalised on is WordPress. I tried Nucleus MT before finally deciding on this one.

I had written my own blog software but I wanted to replace it to take advantage of the community support available and simply because I was bored with my present software :). WordPress is easy to handle, though it does have drawbacks like not allowing the admin to decide the priviledges of registered users etc. I also like the template changer feature of Mambo and wished WordPress would have it. No matter, just have to implement it myself I guess 🙂


Blog Update

Embarked on a project to build an intranet protal which used a CMA. Among the various CMS I tried, including e107 and Mambo, I found that Mambo seems to be very well supported by the community. This CMS also as a lot of plugins and add-ons for a variety of things, from e-commerce to personal sites. This I found ot be very advantageous as this means that I do not have to keep re-inventing the wheel for any additional features I want to implement.

However, I found Mambo to have some basic flaws:

* Contrary to the popular opinion projected on the forums, I did not find the Admin section of Mambo very user friendly. Finding my way around was quite a pain and confusing too.
* Mambo did not have one feature which I had to have; multiple user classes. This was a must-have feature for me considering that I was building an intranet for an instution.

Mambo can be found at: Mambo

E107, on the contrary, proved to have a very user-friendly and intuitive admin section. Admittedly, the support is not as extensive as that of Mambo, but the intuitiveness of the admin section made support quite optional. E107 also came inbuilt with a lot of features necessary for an intranet portal like LDAP support, multiple user classes and unique menus for each users.

E107 can be found at: E107

There is also this site called Open Source CMS which I found to be excellent in helping me decide which CMS to use. This site has basically installed numerous CMS systems available for anyone to use and try out. I found it extremely helpful in helping me decided on a system for my needs as it saved me valuable time in downloading different CMSs and trying them out locally.


An interesting article I read on Sanswire on Stratellite. Stratellite is apparently a huge airship designed to allow wireless communication globally. It is meant to replace the currently existing cell towers and satellites. You can read it here:

What is a Stratellite?

An intriguing thing about this is that the author insists on calling it an airship and not a blimp or a balloon. Which makes me wonder what is the difference after all? Here is what I found out.

Difference between a Stratellite and a Satellite:

1. A Stratellite is stationed in the stratosphere while a Satellite is above it, in the orbit.

2. Due to its high altitude, its difficult for a Satellite to provide duel communication capability, something which a Stretellite would be able to do easily.

Irrelevant update

hello, its been a while since I wrote anything on my site. Guess the monotonic of one way writing with no additional input kind of put me off. Well anyway, I was trying to figure out something: what are the priorities in life? What varied priorities do different people have and why?
Why do we need to have priorities in life? Can we do without them? Will be as successful, better or worse and in each case why? Shall update my opinions when I have them expressed in a satisfactory way.